Optimize Your Results

3 Unique Services That Will Improve Your Connection Rate Immediately

Number Quality Score

We are the only provider that can track each phone number’s usage level which gives us the ability to assign a grade.

The grade indicates the quality spectrum which allows you the ability for precise execution.

The quality range is A-K.

Phase 1: (A – E) The highest contact probability of contact with owner. Hit this list first and make sure to follow up irregardless of their response.
Phase 2: ( F – J) Tertiary numbers, most likely relatives or neighbors.
Phase 3: (K) Shows extremely low activity, we recommend discarding from the list.

Optimized Call Window

Not only can we tell you the best numbers to contact; but also, the best time to reach them! An Optimized Call Window specifies when the phone line is most active.

This enables you to put the right message in front of your prospect at the time of their attention.

Tests have found that your connection rate will improve between 5-10% if utilized.

Compounded over time, this alone is a game changer!

If Cold Calling, go to out Tutorials page and to see how we integrated the list into our dialer.

We have taken the liberty to create every Call Window Sub-list for our clients and will be sent in the output file for you to integrate into your desired platform.

Flip Your List

Do you have a large list of phone numbers that are incorrect, non-performing, just sitting in your database doing nothing but occupying space?

You’ve probably thought there must be another number associated with these prospects?

Guess what…you are right, and we can help!

With our proprietary ability to track the usage level of each number and place a probability grade; we can also assign a Number Quality Score to your existing numbers.

We can run your current list through our system, assign a grade to your numbers and search for a better number (with a higher grade) associated with the prospect.

Here is the best part, we only charge IF we can produce a number with a higher Quality Score.

So to recap, we can take your exciting list, run it through our system, and only charge you if we can produce a better number.

It’s a complete win-win situation and we’re excited to be the only provider that produce this type value for our clients.